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Finding STR Properties

Sep 11

It isn't as hard as you might think to invest in short-term rentals. It can be very profitable, just like any other real estate investment strategy. If you are looking to purchase a vacation home that you can rent out via short-term listing sites like Airbnb, you will likely have many questions. How do I make money with Airbnb? How can I find out if Airbnb is profitable? What are the most attractive cities for investing in Airbnb? These are the most frequently asked questions by beginners. You can find the answers on the Airdeed Blog.

We'll answer another important question in this article: How can I find short-term rentals for purchase? Finding the best investment, whether you're investing in short-term rentals or long-term, is difficult. This is true even if you are using traditional methods to find investment properties for sale. This is possible because of the numerous real-estate investment tools that have been developed in recent years. This article will show you the top tools available to help you find short-term rentals properties to sell in 2020. The best part? All these tools are available on one platform, Airdeed.

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First, keep the Airbnb regulations in mind

You must first check the laws regarding short-term rentals. The laws and regulations surrounding Airbnb rentals can vary from one city to another and even between countries. Many laws have been passed in recent years that prohibit short-term rentals as investments.

Other cities have different requirements about the type of property that is allowed to be listed as a short-term vacation house. These requirements cover the design, construction, maintenance, and so on. It is important to check the local regulations for your city before you decide to rent vacation homes. This is an essential step in finding short-term rentals to make investments in.


Rentals Available

Research is the key to finding short-term rental properties. You must conduct a short-term rental market search, just as you would research traditional rentals before you invest in them. You will need to research the area and compare rental properties based on certain real estate metrics. The most important metrics you need to evaluate when looking for short-term rentals are the rental income, cap, Cash on Cash Return, as well as the occupancy rate.

These numbers will help you identify the most profitable investments properties on the market with the highest return rate. However, it is difficult to find accurate information when researching the short-term rental market. Airdeed offers the investment tools and short-term rental data you need to quickly and efficiently conduct your market research and property search. This is how to use Airdeed's tools to find short-term rentals and to analyze them to ensure they are generating the highest profit.